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Aha! Hope you found your way to the mountain by following search queries asking, "How did my retirement 401K stop-loss order fail to work in the daily 'yo-yo' numbers racket"? Or, "How can I find a working gold mine, with assays less than two years old, for sale, on a no money down contract that isn't a scam"?

In the Mining Law of 1872, that predates any SEC regulations, or individual states "Blue Sky" restrictions that has stacked the deck in favor of "Casino Capitalism" vs: "Joe Pickaxe" there is a very simple rule of principle concerning "The Prudent Man." A very good rule to follow down a yellow brick trail.

I know the PM rule well before I have had it quoted word for word to me, correctly, by a US Forest Service Mining Manager, whose jurisdiction dates from 1904. I think this response was in a "meet and greet" meeting when I jokingly used a little part of my DNA American-American heritage to make a conservation point of, "Great White Father... we not violate what is supplied by Creator, by making a killing in buffalo tongues and humps to ship to that offshore banisters marketplace of Mad-Batten."

He also understood enough Western history (only 19 states have frontier mining claims) to brilliantly repartee historical "trivia" that the '72 really came out of the gold rush to an undefined Bear Republic California in '48. To prevent a anarchy of total chaos, Congress established "Mining Districts" where self regulating "Miner's Law" worked so very well setting out boundaries, health standards, and as shown in the only Hollywood miner's movie that did not feature gun violence. That was Paint Your Wagon, where singers Clint Eastwood / Lee Marvin were enabled to share a Mormon's wife as a "claim".

Excuse me the long winded Mark Twain Asperger's syndrome mining camp story, and Jeopardy answer-apology as, "Alex, the Asperger's Hearst publishing empire was founded on a mining engineers 5% position in Homestake. I, as an Asperger in a long line of different thinkers ( as Steve Jobs, Al Gore, Harry Truman, Louis L'amore, Henry Ford, Edison, etc.) already knew the long rambling trail of a "great" uncle who was the first wagon boss on the Oregon Trail, that quit his job as Supreme Court Justice, to stampede to a Yuba River where he helped formulate sensible rules for citizens who prospected to follow, before he defended Stutter's rights, which led to being California's first governor.

And OMG if you have followed my "last of the prospectors" thinking this far, let me explain that my MiningMagazines.com empire business plan is to steal supply side mining development funding away from the SEC monopoly of IPO mining financiers only interested in equity trading, through SEC sanctioned advertising campaigns, instead of dealing with the "public needs to know" bother of P/L statements. Especially when peddling trendy "one-sider secrets" that aren't doing that well in today's HFT 'flash' bubble.

My questions to the "mining industry financial experts" (other than fellow newsletter publishers as Ted Butler, Ed Steers, Casey) lately have been, "How is it that gold mining stocks are falling, along with cyber futures gold ETFs, right along with the purchasing power of debased currency?" Or the even more indicative 'marker' of silver also bottoming, and base metals, mostly mined as a by-product of precious metals, not following a time proven supply and demand ratio reaction of raising?

Methinks it is time as a non-compliment First Amendment third party publication that deals in the true financial stability of the earth, as physical products needed for shelter, food, and clean mineral wealth of water and energy, to stand up to insanity of trading Reg.D excluded mines that the public (widows and orphans?) demands(?) meet licensing standards of yet another self-regulatory organization, the National Association of Securities Dealers.

To inform my readers in a freelance magazine writer "fact checking style" I learned from my Sunday San Francisco Bonanza Magazine days, and a respected McGraw- Hill Chemical Week, and on to Holiday, and LIFE that editors use colored pencil dots (at least two, better three) to verify the "printed word", I am going to go past ancient industry guidelines of respecting "the reader who is the one who really owns a magazine". Because they paid for a subscription, or found it on a newsstand.

Another of these old-fashioned conventions was "one does not degrade editorial content" with "penny shopper advertising" masquerading as a helpful press releases, that themselves, in the mining investment business have degraded into "in Canadian Interests TSX 43-101 certification" that has become a algorithm red flag for spam that pings back to Vancouver, Junior British Columbia, Nigeria stock brokers who benefited from free-trading away Mining Law of 1872 claims that required US citizenship.

placer gold

So, I am risking further anonymous censorship by Internet espionage hack attacks, by switching to protected, locked, Adobe PDF downloads that will require a $10 fee paid through a solid PayPal download link. This is not a advertising for investors ploy in that the Mining Law of 1872 actually has provision for an association of claim holding members to act as a "security" company, in the business of actually selling a piece of the rock as a retail product. As perhaps Western trophy style silver belt buckles engraved with a historic "hang me on a cross of gold."

Which perhaps this is why WesternMiner.com has not been able find bona fide operating gold mines for sale on a you-too-can -play a no money derivative game. Or to access accurate information for free anymore on a Information Highway in need of infrastructure repairs! Go ahead and click pick $10 on a mining biz proposal that probably has better odds than a power-ball lottery.

The "gray gold" description of this 500 million ton "green mining" resource is not yet a "blue chip" company .... yet!

What is of interest is that individual's $10 information downloads may become part of the $10 per ton flow-through FoamKrete LLC marketing program of selling the processed miracle affordable CLC concrete admixture through regional dealerships that do not need franchise protecting, as the PH neutral feedstock is so rare in the US.


Investment Opportunity
Doing this you will establish a safe E-Mail link, through PayPal, reply. And, if you qualify as being for real, there is a possibility you can earn your $10 back. We absolutely will not sell your name to Internet pirates.

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