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Breaking News: The world’s leading climate scientists just delivered their U.N. warning that some of the changes already set in motion were a code red for humanity! And since many Science disbelievers about Covid commendation are already apologizing their final words on that crisis, perhaps those who wish to survive a homeless tragedy, also brought along by PAC bought and paid for governmental employees need to try an make an effort to communicate with me through this previously hacked target website.


Which is why I am proud to mention TheProspector's contribution to the February Issue of ECO-GoGreen-Magazine.com — focusing on reducing greenhouse gas production of old fashioned Portland Cement for 22 century bridges by going back to an an even older, but still standing, formula of an updated Roman Concrete.

We are particularly proud of our own geological explanation of:

The Scientific Way To Deal With Climate Change is to Follow Geological Events Dealing with the Living Rock of the Nepheline Syenite Alumina-Silicate family

by Keyser Söze, who understands the secret of a Nepheline Syenite volcanic intrusion of a natural pozzilina works so well in a super strength Geopolymer Cement.

The ECO-Geopolymer-Concrete contact for further explination is Lucus Ponce de Leon at 360-782-1870, or by his e-mail.


Click on the cover, or https://eco-gogreen-magazine.com


Just turned 82-years-old. Semi-retiring as soon as I can somehow delegate my individually owned mining claims containing 250 Million tons of Nepheline Syenite containing Alumna [Al203] naturally bundled together with Silicon Dioxide [ Si02] with two Rare Earths elements to a working group that has more energy left than me.

Specifically this is a flat-out promotion for $20 per in-place ton of Nepheline Syenite FoamKrete™, which has a "Green Mining" safe chemical PH neutral rating, reacts when mixed with Portland Cement, and a 'part b' ECO-Foam-Concrete activator, happens to be the ECO NanoTech breakthrough answer for affordable housing. And, we as a group of what Wall Street likes to call "little people" really should be able to bypass the money monopoly managers on our own to attract other individuals who want to follow the FoamKrete™ marketing plan, following, that after flow-through contract mining and milling help independent dealers build their own mortgage and utility bill free home, safe from wolves blowing it down.

Which is also why I putting my 66-year reputation as "the prospector" personally on the line backing a start-up, for all the right reasons todays climate change answer, of ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association LCA to act as the already locked-in costs plus 10% contractor to deliver a  $250 wholesale priced ton equal, or below, the closest geopolymer chemical cement competitor in FOB China.

And, as it might seem a funny idea that a "buying a solid rock by the ton" will return a ROI that will take costs cutting scissors to old fashioned pieces of trade paper, consider this —the ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association also backed by a ECO-Mining-Stockpile reserve approaching billions in asset value, is legally looking for non-qualified investors who do not have a $1 million, or more net worth accreditation, as an individual buying into a certified ECO carbon ton free business as an "investor member".  Here the minimum LCA $5,000 buy-in could also be a trade-in of qualified mining equipment, professional contractors retainers, or real estate suitable for building a FoamKrete™ ECO office, manufacturing facility, or associates housing.

But first, helping me along keeping my home fire burning so I can afford enough time to enjoy my rocking chair on the porch of ShadowCatcher Ranch, let me entertain you with a couple of my books for sale, direct:

The best placer gold finder field manual with my lifetime experiences notations. And, as a testament that taking a long look-see at roadside — make that trailside— prospecting did bring me back from Alaska to California, and Oregon, and Washington to follow any lead worth staking, you might just enjoy exploring with me horseback. Never did find dealing with donkeys worth the trouble.

Search for a Shadow is a coffee table folio chronicle of a 2,500 mile horse pack trip.


A mineral find I first staked back in the 1980's has unexpectedly turned into a FoamKrete™ deposit of a New/Old Roman-style protozoan Nepheline Cement that expands to an 80 percent bubble foam that is four to five times in volume. The unexpected result is that the CLC concrete delivered on-site by a mixer-pump is Fire-proof, Flood-proof, Mold-proof, Bullet-proof, Rodent-proof house building material. Along with stronger walls than dense concrete, FoamKrete has an off the charts 'R' factor due to being 80% insulating tiny bubbles that is so water resistant it will float. And, being it is Sound-poof will most likely lead to the CCL pre-stressed concrete 3D printing of yachts and floating homes in the US, which is so far behind China and Russia in this nanotechnology.

Ordinary gravel and rubble rock is not needed as the antiparticle aggregates interlock for strength, for load-bearing ratings even without the use of re-bar, except when needed to meet local building standards. Going along with the bureaucrats re-bar can be threaded on both ends for bolting together a wooden form laying on a side —complete with PCV conduit for plumbing and wiring in place, along with window frame. Visualize a wooden bread pan where the dough expands high enough to be screed smooth, similar to ordinary wallboard.

After curing, these panels can be tilted up, intact, for bolting together. Best of all is that the FoamKrete™ system is an affordable way for the almost DIY crowd to build off-grid houses, with embedded thin-film solar and a rainwater harvesting roof that does away with utility bills.

I need help from fellow visionaries — instead of control freak mega-conglomerate corporation hindrance with their big pharma style ROI profit expectations— so I too can afford to retire to any one of our ECO Housing of an America affordable time-share rent-to-own Villages. Or other water-resistance, rock-solid, structures out of Oregon's unique Nepheline Cement deposit. 3M has the other smaller commercial deposit with similar chemistry in the US. My dream is building a Scottish Castle de Moray standing tall on the spit at Waldport as part of a seawall protecting tsunami at-risk communities. Or a self-contained shallow-draft bio-fueled paddle wheeled steamboat to cruise south to Baja in the winter; north to the Yukon again in the summer.

The reason I cannot bootstrap this project any further by myself (other than disturbing the surface on five acres in a grandfathered-in quarry, for required assessment work use) is I do not have the capital, or anymore time to develop a uniform in value underground mine-able deposit of 250,000,000 tons. No capital company has been smart enough to recognize the opportunity of forming a special Natural Resources Master Limited Partnership (to earn in by a minimum annual 2.5% royalty lease from me) which if handled correctly would most likely would be able to skip the insider flawed IPO system for big board listing,

So, instead of trying to deal with "Mining Industry Financial Eggspurts" I did an Oprah Winfrey go around to the back door do-it-yourself way to incorporate with a new financial engine that allows for individual "Investor Owners" as in a newly licensed ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association LCA.

And guess what? I found the in my own Pacific Northwest climate change at risk backyard the idea of including individuals as owners of $20 per ton in-place units of ore with voting rights in what would technically a working employee owned company which would not be classified a security under the federal SEC's Howey Test rules in a very progressive Washington (the state) Senate Act as used for the incorporation and bylaws of of an Ecologically and Economically aware Entrepreneurs Association LCA.




Become a part of an association of independent business persons with a tax Schedule write off, who see the potential of the same magical nepheline chemistry China, Russia, Iran, who are pioneering the 3D printing of affordable housing. Join us as something to grow green with from underground up. We are going to make a lot of SEC approved IPO stockbrokers, no-load financial consultants, and mortgage brokers unhappy.

Our answer of using proven in-place ton units as a way to keep ahead of the currently happening inflation of paper/electronic/credit default/ hedge fund dollars which also can be measured in the deflation of purchasing power to independently contract with the turn-key ECO-Mining-Milling to flow-through to a $+ ROI simply for doing your bit fighting Climate Change.

Perhaps you will sell your wholesale ton after it comes out of the ball mill, or keep on trucking it to become a member of a FoamKrete™, plus equipment rental, local dealership. Or, DYI build a home. Or help others go solar off-grid in a ECO-Housing-USA village.


The only unforeseen risk uncovered after seven years bulk sampling and bench testing following up international university level research, as suggested by a US Forest Service Geologist and Mining Manager suggested as the CFR protocol way for filing plans of mining action for an uncommon variety of mineral.

This special purpose "mandate" was a real challenge, in that much of the the very unique and uncommon Nepheline Syenite (a natural material that cannot be patented protected) research is propriety protected, except for fair-use of abstracts which has proven beyond any doubt the need for a climate friendly replacement of Portland Cement — the US second largest manufacturing source of Green-House Gasses.

In an immediate effort to help save private homes in the future from burning down during wildfires, or resisting flash floods or tidal surge, I filed this 65 page plus page document by registered mail, return receipt, of a USDA FS 2008-5 Plan of Action for Mining Operations. And, I am still waiting for an official CFR required 30 day notice of "Yes" or "No", or 60 days to work out differences, for expanding my grandfathered in 5-acres quarry by going underground where the traditional tailing waste pile actually becomes a salable product.

ECO-Mining-Milling is going ahead with our "Assessment Work" and needs someone to fund a nepheline mill. Ask me personally on this.

Clicking on this cover button will bring up a virus safe Adobe Acrobat PDF format that is even readable upon a portable Mac computer I-Pad or Samsung Tablet screen. I even could supply this 87 page professional documentation and the FoamKrete™ Sales Brochure on a pass around portable Flash drive personalized your name as a multilevel team leader.  Ask me about this as hackers seem to once again the trying to stop the flow of paper dollars.


When the Code of Federal Regulation date passed (read Pages 18 through 20 of the USFS published Anatomy of a Mine) , I wasn't worried as I had a solid relationship with USFS Region Six for having contracted to produce brochures, up to one working together on a 16 pages pages of photos and text project. I even helped my media partner daughter format data on contract "spotted owl" scientific report —a misdirected cause which put a lot of independent "gyppo loggers and lumber mills out of business— which was later debunked as "incomplete evidence" by the National Park Service.

And, the CFR process promised that their was another 60 days to jointly work out a modification which in a presentation of going underground, where tailing piles concerns were not a problem as everything mined is product as something already allowed upon the grandfathered in "exploration allowed" five acres.

Recently I was told by the current USFS mining manager that as the "out of common-variety value had been established" the only requirement left before a sanctioned formal go-ahead was waiting for an Environmental Study group approval which could take six or seven figures and several years to operate tracked earthmoving machinery outside of the five acres.

Wow. This required from a ZERO carbon ZERO waste reclimation bond of the USFS operated road-gravel West #1 quarry. Just as the still operating open pit competitive mining and crushing operation less than 1/2 mile away for the benefit of the Koch Brother's Georgia Pacific / Weyerhauser Timber that also has been enjoying an unexplained spike ("because of Covid") in Lumber and Paper Products prices? No way! That is NOT FAIR!

Of course I also have made a lot of big political enemies being by being the editor of MiningMagazines.com, where pubically, and personally, for the third year in a row, leading "backyard mining companies" into supporting climate activist Greta Thunberg's nomination for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize.

Become a part of an association of independent business persons with a tax Schedule write off, who see the potential of the same magical nepheline chemistry China, Russia, Iran, who are pioneering the 3D printing of affordable housing as a climate change answer. Join us as something to grow green with from underground up. We are going to make a lot of SEC approved IPO stockbrokers, no-load financial consultants, and mortgage brokers unhappy.

My independent answer is to support a Green Mining turn-key ECO-Mining-Milling contracting FoamKrete™ with a flow-through $+ ROI simply for doing a small bit fighting Climate Change. Perhaps you will become a $5,000 minimum "Investment member" —or trade for equipment, land, professional billing hours— to help get a mining company up and running  to preform a promise to deliver on a special contract for FoamKrete™.

And an ECO-Foam-Concrete.com (not yet on-line) that, besides is closing a deal on will sell your wholesale ton after it comes out of the ball mill, or keep on trucking it to become a member of a FoamKrete™, plus equipment rental, local dealership, will be supplying the latest in activation formulation for a true Nepheline Polymer Roman Cement, along with another "secret" filler aggregate to replace what the research papers have refereed to as "an especially fine sand".

You could use your investment into FoamKrete™ to DYI build your home with little help (exchange?) from your friends. Or help others go totally off-grid solar in a ECO-Housing-USA village built around a employee owned business center— perhaps even Mac&Murray —reachable by substituting and a URL illegal ampersand and adding a dot com— Multimedia Advertising, along with BannerBooks.com, and USAtravelmagazines.com

As a life-long tree hugger (and volunteer planter on the Tullimook 1930s burn) also totally support tree farming as a way to scrub dirty air and by replenishing oxygen. But perhaps, I was amiss in my Plan of Action for suggesting financial support for the USFS mission for a recreational need to build more trails. As my supporting a world class Table "Mountain to the Sea Trail" bike experience touching on the Drift Creek Wilderness? Who locally would object to a tourism boost featured in a reformatting of my OregonTravelMagazine.com —which has been put on hold with the loss of Flash SWF for web use.

This aside sort of venture that happened in the 1990s in the gold rush days of buying URLs. With the 1999 purchase of USAtravelmagazines.com I further claimed all 50 states with a web ring power of having a uniform easy to remember "YOURSTATE TravelMagazine.Com media empire, where the only one fully developed enough to making a living was AlaskaTravelMagazine.com. Again, I should mention that I am 82-years, with an unexpected good health, that really needs help tying a bow around projects to finish up some of my Asperger's Powered dream packages.

As my personal plan of action (at age 82) daydream is showing a lot of covid panic homeless victims a way to help themselves build, or rebuild, a new home. My contribution of sharing a gift from Creator is building the independent FoamKrete™ Brand Team, and associated independent ventures, that they will manage everything as a flow-through Family Bushiness. I am hoping, as the founder, at our first annual individual dealer Company picnic to pass out the right size bragging rights hats (for big headed members) as shown here:

For now it would take only $60 to buy yourself into the dream of affordable housing outside the control of the really BIG control freak MONOPOLY of real estate housing salespersons >> mortgage brokers>> investment bankers >> stockbrokers> hedge fund retirement managers >> and qussipublic regulators by going into business for yourself as a fully qualified environment entrepreneurial FoamKrete™ Dealer, as follows:
This is a good start on a multilevel marketing team leader personalized print-on-demand brochure which an organized FoamKrete™ Dealership could locally advertise for retail customers.


More Promotion: Click to read a Sample Chapter of "The Prospector" as a book that will be released soon.


Yup. This is how it all started for me. "The Prospector" We are running this extract from a soon to be published autobiography of a "Minor Miner," in this wordy nostalgia issue of TheProspector.com. I also think the message in this issue's complaints about the illegal merger between the spoils or war bureaucracy and monopolistic SuperPac big business joining together began to formulate, clear back when, is just another recurring story of "Me Mongo" losing his shiny rock from the second oldest profession as a tribute, on bended knee to those controlling the first.

As mentioned in the 1955 story following, I lost all of my pictures of this summer's experience to "big business protocol", so I am working on substituting some replacements by revisiting "the old stomping grounds of the Oregon Kid." Which will be a painful turn of the Millennium experience! Moab has been taken over by mountain bike enthusiasts, and the town would just as soon forget its history of "Wild West" mining— still dangerous if not handled right—uranium.

"The Prospector" stories of Barry Murray starting a 64-year career in mineral exploration in Moab Utah during the uranium boom of '55, follows as a sample chapter of the e-Pub PDF. Please remember that at 80-years of age that this ancient Scottish Murray "Ah dinnae ken" really does not know how anybody can tell anything in only 240 characters, or for that matter how prospectors can afford to live with inflation/deflation since Nixon took us off the supply side gold and silver standard.

Replaced by perhaps only as few as 240 (240?) financial side control freaks that jumped in to stop the risk on taking Hunt Brother's run-up in silver, that caught me heavily invested in a $14 per ounce remote Alaska silver mine, pictured often on MiningMagazines.com with my wintertime claim post placed by ski and snowshoe.

As nearly 50-years later the price of spot silver has run away to a high of $14.90, I have used my also self-taught freelance magazine writer/photographer media skills understanding the raw truth of economics to end up as the Editor/Publisher of a high gloss 4-color "Economic Currents Magazine" done on a contract for the Columbia River Economic Development Council.

It also may be helpful to explain how, as a secret "right to life" high school dropout, ending up working on an incomplete education in a nighttime art school of what has become the University of West London while working directly under General Curtis LeMay in USFS intelligence, with a one-step above top secret clearance, publishing the nuclear code protected books with radar data and hand drafted charts.

Not all that dissimilar from the geological reports I had printed on a surprise Christmas gift in 1954 from my frugal Mining Attorney father of a model 80 Multilith offset printing press, where I which really was the start of my Mac&Murray Advertising and Publishing, the owner of 30 mining URLs I "staked" in the early days of the world wide web. Instead of my 25¢ per hour office boy salary, I negotiated $1 per report page (undercutting a local letter-shop's price) which was cut back to a quarter the morning after I had pulled an all nighter. And presented my typed out bill for $100 in the morning. I was paid-in-full with a settlement of $25, and an admonishment that was too much easy money for fifteen-year old boy to learn on the job!

I had wanted to be a freelance magazine photographer, which was also used in chapters following my Moab experience where I was hired out to accompany some "winner" geologists into the field to assist collecting samples--- and to take photographs of what were not plain old rocks.

All of this on-the-job training culminated in my www.MiningMagazines.com empire, now for sale without my "The Prospector" which had been on-line via Fido-net five years before the web came along, bringing along a gunny sack full of side-winding rattlesnakes. Which is why I am retiring once the battle for Table Mountain, Lincoln County, Oregon, has been won against a "Red-Hat Wearing" enemy of what used to be a Great America.

Just as three of my Great Murray/MacAdam (as in roads) ancestors prevailed on Table Mountain, North Carolina, a total victory over the Red Coats which Jefferson proclaimed as "the turning point of the American Revolution". Which has a significance to this Murray in competition with a world-wide felspathic monopoly that drove a North Carolina feldspar quarry out of business by dumping Canadian nepheline syenite, and then somehow buying them out , as the battle is still on?

Such was the job training benefiting my "web ring" www.MiningMagazines.com; uploading "unidentified content to GoldMining.net, SilverMiningClaims.com; DiversifiedInvestments.net; MiningInvestment.com; TheMiningInvestor.com. that the two-percent self-appointed dictators in charge of ruling the mineral wealth of the US that hasn't already been free-traded away to Canada.

And, surprise, coming full circle back to a Strategic Mineral Listing for the Feldspathic Nepheline Syenite's Rare Earths --- that I also had experience with in Idaho with--- and with the US Bureau of Mines Research facility in Albany, Oregon, still supposedly functioning even though Congress has limited funding. A very stupid mistake US Geological Survey which played such a great role in making America Great in the first place, was the cover-up of the clear listing of Alumio-Silicate as a Critical Minerals Aluminum and Rare Earths ore substitute for importing foreign bauxite.

Chapter one of the soon to be published book available through BannerBooks.com, that started me on a lifetime of supply-side wool stockings mistrust of the silk stocking financial-side of the mining business. And, in adventures that followed I really began to realize that the gold was in some fun stories easily convertible in a streaming movie ending with a modern climate change denial battle. Which raises the question that since an early Oregon writing acquaintance, Ken Keasy, had a film named Sometime A Great Notion" filmed not far away from Table Mountain, and the star Paul Newman has passed on, who will be cast to play me?

The name is Barry Murray, of a also under attack BarryMurray.com, with an abused robocalled phone number of 503-753-5868. I do have a valid PO Box 678, Waldport, (within sight of a magic Table Mountain) Oregon 97394. As I am also an established author, know that this Copyright © 2021 Mac&Murray website will be protected at all costs from the theft for phishing, virus mischief, and misdirection by others.

The guess safest way to send me an electronic message is to click the following banner, and wait for a verification that is was actually delivered to me.