Breaking rocks with boots on the job replacing geological helicopter survey.

Fighting back in a Cyber War Hack Attack against any supply side Mining Magazines Telling the Truth; Junior Mining Stocks evaluations: What does a Pound of Silver weigh? ; Where to look for Real Gold in a Real Global Warming time of Climate Change ; Green Mining using Nano Technology Mineral Breakthroughs.
Minings Role in Climate Change survival, Metals Exchange Price Fixing, a Financial Winter Forecast, the Absolute Need for Glass-Steagall Act, Solid Gold and Silver Solid Investments, Opportunities in Unknown Rare Earths Minerals.
GlassSteagallActII.pdf ; Critical Minerals Production Act of 2013.pdf ; UCDavis-auto_aerated_concrete.pd; and Fool's Gold (from the financial side of mining) by Gillian Tett. And private newsletters by Ted Butler, and Ed Steers.

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Silver is just about to go into a bull market. So, perhaps an Adwords banner might be a good place to try and corner the market.


>> Now that the ruthless hacking of this site,, two years ago has been proven to be anoynmyous cybercriminals hired by financial competitors who did not like my editorials, all I can really do to recover my 60-years tarnished image of telling the truth in print is to try to meet the traditional needs of my Internet readership since 1992.

How? With with an up-to-date way to slow down copyright theft of sensitive HTML material for outright spoofing and phishing misdirection. With secured Adobe Acrobat PDFs for on-screen reading or downloading. A contact e-mail address at the end of an information article at least slows down Spam address harvesting.

And what better way, given the secure size of 500 million tons of a much needed Industrial Mineral Nepheline Syenite to present a joint venture biz plan dividing 32 twenty acre Table Mountain mountain claims into three dedicated uses, manageable by good marketing management instead of IPO manipulation´┐Ż

The first into production FoamKrete, will be an a nano technology that will be a breakthrough for "do-it-your-self" builder to deal with an affordable housing crisis, where a $10 LLC buy-in could set a homeless family on the path to building something so solid the wolves out there can't blow them away.

As for investment sharks wanting to do a too good to be true start-up using Eco-Minerals-Stockpile's Reserves to build ECOHousingofAmerica developments, well perhaps the answer there would be a MLP, and associated LP's to guarantee the constant supply of an unique natural, no-toxic, cement after mixture that expands four to five times to favorable competes

What is needed right now is a start-up, green, underground mining company ECO-Mining-Milling to present a US Forest Service "Plan of Action" that observes environmental wisdom that really makes sustainable sense.

Help our industry become great again by protesting "pump and dump" promoters using the USFS as an excuse why their "can't loose" gold mine went bankrupt. So sad.

Prospector Barry Murray has staked some world class mining properties, but his might be the one to retire from at age 78 ... an investment opportunity if you hurry.

Click the cover for a PDF which also may be saved as a download for your files.

Searching for gold is easier online when clicking on Adsense banners...

Silver is just about to go into a bull market. So, perhaps an Adwords banner might be a good place to try and corner the market.


>> Question? How do those in charge of candy stores deflate the value of rock solid mineral gob-stoppers that meet the basic needs of a society whose fiat money is a currency that the government has declared to be legal tender — that is not backed by any physical wealth of the Earth commodity? As Minerals we need to survive in a time where accredited investors have unfortunately been drawn into the insanity of a pseudo-think tank bubble head philosophy of the alchemy of spinning dross into a ill-conceived replacement of cloud-based electronic credits vs: the physical reality of a positive P/L statement.

Take gold for as one shining dictionary example of pump and dump debasement. AU was the stuff a ruler had to physically have in his counting house to afford to wage war. As Lincoln [R] did, using a leveraged "greenback dollar" to prevail over the paper value of the English controlled "black gold slave standard!" in the First American Civil War. Also, as a fellow politician, FDR [D], did with his executive orders in WW2 to confiscate gold supposedly in support of patriotism. Something I understand very well for having lived through rationing as partially explained in the revised re-release of my World War II mystery novel involving Japanese gold through an independent as

>> A
ttention Happy Securities Shoppers, stock-ing up on Blue Light Stock Market Brokers Specials to survive a Financially Frigid Winter. Do not Forget your Grandfathers Great Depression Threadbare Coat Lessons Concerning Market Chaos.

It is called the DUH theory on account of those who "Don't Understand History" will pay the price for OMG compounding the leveraged derivatives credit default swap hedge fund bubble platform traded failure. I would guess that many of the readers of TheProspector, one of the oldest independent websites on-line … predating the World Wide Web via a secure university to university Fido “defense” network… were not even born when I started my wailing and whinnying that the Information Highway being detoured by disinformation to the global village of “Hu Du U-Belive."

I also hope that those net citizens of named generations appreciate that the “Silent Creativities" lost between “The Greatest”, and “The Baby Bloomers, et al” … preoccupied in early childhood by traumatized by the Great Depression (there was nothing great about it) and the strict food, communications, and transportation rationing we experienced during The War 2 end all Wars. Which has become an “yet again” euphonious “WW3" seq-way to a Free Trade, Uncensored Free Speech For for All Destruction, that perhaps will go down in history books as the Last?

That is if there are any economic survivors alive and able to afford to buy my on-line book, Search For A Shadow of the Past, as advertised below. Or remember how to read past a few opening lines of a Press Release Book Review proclaiming (to be on the wink-wink ) winner's side of a so-called SOLID GOLD Press Release Review that can't even tell you where the amazing new find is located without your financial 'non-cir' commitment.

>> Politically in the hindsight past, I voted incorrectly for...

A self serving Congress that before the Dot Com Bubble days already enjoyed a USPS free franking mailing of their newsletters. So why did they block the "wire fraud" checks and balances U.S. Postal Inspector control of doing away with a magazine and newsletter publisher's required masthead of Who, Why, Where, and When that has masked the wholesale free trading away of the Information Highway, that we with the help of Global Warming Al Gore [pronounced algorithm] invented.

Remember also that Bob Dole, a 10th Mountain Division war hero who understood the value of not publicly publishing classified, and above Top Secret information, had held to the established standard that the FCC was in control of licensees using of public airwaves. This is why local TV stations paid attention to retaining their license (something Lady Bird Johnson had used to build their family fortune) that required the declaration of what was then accepted standard of Journalism, separated from editorial opinion", separated from SEC approved when clearly identified as FTC approved truth-in-advertising as, "come on down to Billy Bob's famous for "Individually Previously Owned" car lot huckster-ism.

I thought I was winning my personal computer hack attack until the cyber war lobbed a bombshell in last week that revealed that it perhaps wasn't our government fighting off Russia, the Ukraine, China, Australia, but some multi-national businesses somehow are using totally unfair trade practices to kill their eye-ball to eye-ball competition. You have heard recent reports on boardroom to boardroom battles. Since I cannot afford to hire a floor full of lawyers, and full time IT specialists, do your own due diligence before investing in any long term mining stock that doesn't have a solid asset base underneath that can produce a viable, explainable, provable P/L statement. Remember that the "resource rich " Enron stole more with their trading nothing back and forth than Maddox did with his promised Ponzi 20% trading.

This last week, just when I thought "TheProspector" had cleared itself of foreign search engine links leading to a phished and spoofing misdirection, I decided to add another URL into my layers of defense. And wanting to run a quality check on Bob Parson's GoDaddy, I fell for a number one rating on a ? site, to sign up for a bargain backup URL with what appeared to be an American connection. The next morning there was a foreign credit card charge inflated by a Wells Fargo MBA stagecoach style of rough-riding over what really should be TQM respected customers. Not enough dollars to really worry about until I double-checked on a WhoIs, and found that what I had actually paid for was owned, with a "do not transfer clause protection", by a Mr. 'Anonymous' in Asia with my ISP numbers I already documented by flagged screen dump years ago. I got through to them. They promised to credit back my credit card charges that had taken all of 2 minutes (?) to transact, within a week.

Two months after trying to get my bank to do a chargeback for fraud, nothing has changed except I was issued a new card. The other wasting my writing time finding was that either the massive hack attack on big U.S. businesses (which I am not) last week, or a retaliation for daring to speak the truth resulted in a "man in the middle" attack where my web logs recording that I had eliminated a large number of unasked for links, had exploded. Five hundred links from some very sexually foreign sick sights showed up to to black-hat my 60+ years reputation for being a straight shooter with a .44 caliber Super Black-hawk bear gun. So, "Dear Reader", as a proper silver Brexit toff victim would say, beware of:

1) Leaving your machine's power connected Wi-Fi on when not actually on the Internet.
2) Clicking on any URL address you don't recognize from a Yahoo search result (at this time).
3) Downloading any free "virus cleaner software" supposed to improve the performance of your computer.
4) And be very suspicious of any Spam mail that promises to fix your e-mail or web site identifiable errors.

Searching for gold is easier online when clicking on Adsense banners...
Silver is just about to go into a bull market. So, perhaps an Adwords banner might be a good place to try and corner the market.
This piece was not fake news by a pretend whistle blower. It was a First Amendment editorial.

As my accidental "one man publishing empire" that really came out of "TheProspector", logically following a web ring route to just wanting to do a no finder's fee E-Harmony sort of connection between mining claim holder's and bona fide claim buyers through triggered an unjustified response of character assignation ... proving my speculation was correct... I think it is time to reprise this 2013 prediction by bringing it out of an underground zone of weakness that have always been a prospector's target. Unfortunately, today, as this piece is a proper magazine article, presented as validation of the publishing principle that editorial commentary and "pump and dump" stock promotions do not mix fairly, may only produce a big yawn from lazy investors trusting "no load" brokers to do their due diligence homework. The logical keyword phrases to consider here are,

A) If gold is considered to be real money...

B) Then why trade paper dollar certificates for ETF derivate certificates...

C) Instead of buying wealth in a form that can be stored on a photovoltiac roof top, that doesn't wear out, while producing a net zero energy return, instead of reinvesting in negative zero bonds for wealth storage.

Given that in WW2 only 60 million died in a new form of combat flamed by the hot air firestorms of rhetoric, which is no where near the record 500 million Yahoo user accounts that were hacked, exposing names, email address, birth dates, and scrambled passwords, security questions and answers that could help terrorists break into victims on line so called "money market" accounts. Lately such everyday events have proven my paranoia comments on what happened to my flagship, being fired upon, causing my banner to be transfered to e-mail service... of BarryMurray@. I won't won’t annoy readers anymore about happenstances that really shouldn't have anything to do with my caveman survival manifesto... A) Me Mongo…. B) I, and my tribe, working in the dark underground found pretty Rock… C) You want to Buy?

Since anonymous financial terrorist critics have slandered on a "dark web" that sends out creepy crawler bots for the benefit of foreign search engines supporting the free, and favored nations, giveaway of US natural resources, and the employment opportunities ... including financial industry jobs... that really are the birthright of Americans who paid a personal price for freedom, I am struggling to stand up to the tyrannical misdirection of your personal reading /viewing rights.

I have experienced enough first hand in the field research to work on a documentary book dealing with the Death of the Internet, through disinformation through the stupidity of broadcast cub reporters ( working towards becoming a TV annalist?) breaking news on something that they know nothing about, at six. Or worse, being innocently duped into spreading malware through a nasty web ring of copyright information suckers. Something we are trying to fight through our switch to locked Adobe Acrobat PDF delivery, with no open back door pages.

If you are a corporate type, very aware since everyone on the financial side of securities law vs: mining law seems to be pushing the rules, let me, at 78 years old with asthma, take a deep breath to do a financial style elevator pitch for the Table Mountain Oregon Nepheline Syenite Quarry/Mine by having you talk to Sharon Ehlmann who speaks (as the author of a business management book) your type of English, as:
"The only other readily soluble natural raw material source of AL203 Alumina, and Si02 Silica aggregate suitable for an affordable suitable thermal mineral in the US other than 3M out of their New Mexico quarry, also in competition with a world wide "free trade" supplier disadvantaged by location, location, shippable location."

* When used in an additive to cement as an after mixture, which may be pumped into reusable forms for tilt-up wall construction, the natural non-toxic (not patentable) mineral, when activated expands what comes out a cement mixer four to five times in volume.

* As explained as Oregon's "FoamKrete" [dotcom] the almost do-it-yourself material has allowed homes built of AAC slabs and CLC concrete spray to survive climate change forest and brush fires, resulting flash floods or mud slides, and thanks to the hydrogen bubbles with an extreme R-value also is considered a very green, very clean air mined product by environmentalists.

* Oregon's Table Mountain nepheline syenite uniform sill, as documented by published US Geological Survey, and Oregon Department of Mineral Industries reports, contains a mappable 750-800 Million tons of the same "rare earths rocks" chemistry that is selling in a face powder -325 fine form in China for $250 per ton, FOB.

* The majority of the mountain is held by 32 twenty acre (a square mile) un-patented Mining Law of 1872 claims. These are subject to US Forest Service CFR regulations concerning an added value over a common variety use for gravel. as used to maintain the FS logging road leading to a microwave tower on the mountain. Historically the three jetty rock quarries have already been permitted, but are not a value added use today.

* As this is Oregon Territory, attention must also be paid to the USFS conservationist multiple uses as watershed, recreational, and sensible timber management for scenic values. This is why the required plan of action for FoamKrete will contain mining engineering proposals of boring into a MOH 6 hardness rock, where the traditional underground tailing dump waste becomes the product.

* Of course all of this is becoming much to much for a 78-year old single signature claim holder, who knows from previous leveraged joint financial venture stock market losses, that the Brexit London Metals Market manipulated failures suggests his property is almost too big for even one company, one CFR clear listed use, to simply delivered to a needed marketplace.

* This is why the value tag for 16 claims covering half of the uniform mountain sill (north or south) is set at $25.5 Million, plus 2% continuing royalty. Where one gravel mining contractor, plus crushing and grinding, could cover both for end-use marketings as (almost a franchise), or a needed answer of flowing through to meet and exceed the "fortress" needs of a start-up for having an almost unfair edge in replacing, for insurance purposes, stick built homes in fire, flood, tsunami tidal surge, earthquake, tornado, and hurricane prone communities.

*Another thing finally understood about doing it yourself, is that mining is one thing, selling a mine is another. This is the transparent truth for this listing, doing a broad e-mail sweep, is that I am suggesting, without a non-circ that never works anyhow for anyone but lawyers, that if interested you connect directly with the claim holder, or Sharon Ehlmann, who have the ideas how these solid mining assets need to be sold or developed in start-up corporations.

Searching for gold is easier online when clicking on Adsense banners...
Silver is just about to go into a bull market. So, perhaps an Adwords banner might be a good place to try and corner the market.

>> Politically in the hindsight past I correctly voted for...
... The economic wisdom of Ross Peroit's fighting the exporting of jobs creating a vacuum with a "big sucking sound. And then Ron Paul (the elder) in his support of lais·sez-faire “hard money”, fighting a PAC controlled Congress of unfair political regulations concerning the economy of the people, for 1% percent (?) of the population. Today, although I have a weakness towards all things frontier mining, I am asked to vote for the Herr Trump immigrant gold camp grandson, whose good fortune was were based upon “mining the miners” by running a brothel and gambling saloon in mining town of Monte Cristo, Snohomish County, Washington; and later on in British Columbia, and the Yukon. That is until the Mounties began a crackdown on prostitution, gambling and liquor. No wonder his Republican advisors did not get along with Democratic Senator Harry Reed, who I once quoted concerning legal prostitution in my

But, on the other hand, we have the smoke and mirrors wild card of Bill Clinton (The First) tainting his wife’s beef futures reputation further by being the force that did away with the Glass-Stegial Act, promulgated out of the Depression to control banking, that both Senators Barney Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren have been fighting to bring back as a checks and balance control over worthless paper stocks (OMG no e.g. ETF no P/L statement possible) that once again will prove that Mother Nature’s hard asset sugar bowl is indeed the “bank” really too big to fail. So, since I for once, as a mainstream Scots-Irish-Native American hillbilly with a prospecting DNA family of Revolutionary War Vets ... Alamance, Cowpens, Kings Mountain, and again in the Second Revolutionary War we won by kicking butt at New Orleans... seem to be recognized as a "what the hell is going on undecided and disgruntle voter" perhaps a good Samaritan fellow traveler might suggest a suitable write-in candidates name? How about sending a frugal Celtic Adam Smith to Washington, D.C.?

Since we were the pioneers, we got away with a string of horses while prospecting historic places as PokerFlat

>> Thank you for beating a way through a Wild, Wild, East wilderness of Internet white noise blacklisting my First Amendment opinions, through their equally protected anonymous libels.
As, actually coming to the mountain seeking a gold and silver guru with 60-years of field experience to insult by demanding, "I am looking for an operating gold mine I can buy for no money down". Such search queries are usually directed, for free, to the Erich Maria Remarque novels detailing hyper-inflation, as The Black Obelisk, and other books Hitler burned defending his promised economic system destined for failure (along with Tojo) by not having the natural resources to fight a global war without stealing from others.

However, when the question is, "Why are some of my forward looking mining stocks doing so well, when actual producing gold properties are going bankrupt?" my being born in 1939 ; and experiencing WW2 rationing points; and buying War Bonds ; Truman's OPA [Office of Price Administration]; and the 1950's OME [Office of Minerals Exploration] in support of minerals stockpiles needed for national defense ... well guess what, I do have an almost geologically slow moving time-line awareness of what is happening today with flash trading.

This think piece, presented in PDF format, was done in 2010 trying to explain the unexplainable of supply not logically following demand for a "rock solid" precious mineral needed for building out solar roofs as Tesla just announced.

Again... what is going on with the financial side manipulations of silver, versus the supply side of photovoltiac galena? This download wasn't appreciated as a $1 pay pal download. I don't have any silver to sell to go with a nepheline syenite thin film smart roof right now, so have at it... without stealing my thinking to promote your stock venture... for free!

Silver has been totally underpriced in USD. Part of an explaination.

Add to that, I am one of the few small mining supply side business operators (concentrating on finding AU, AG, ZN, CU; surviving through the peoples Mining Law of 1872 trumping SEC bankers regulations) which OMG is not the same for FBO, ETF swing trading, TSX pump and dump deal, and the LPB of Limited Purpose Banking, recycled from the London Prime Bank financial engines that pioneered platform trades returning a French "slice", or tranche, or the issue of bonds (zero interest) derived from a pooling of like obligations as mortgage debt. "Ah so", from this guru to lotus-eater investors.

Perhaps you need to do your own due diligence defining if operating gold and silver mines go broke for real, or if it was just a simple way to get rid of "dissident" share holders who didn't understand that the absolutely worst thing which could happen to a supposedly valid mineral prospect controlled by absentee owners, is to actually "make gold" that doesn't come anywhere near the Promised Ponzi ROI payday.

Searching for gold is easier online when clicking on Adsense banners...
Silver is just about to go into a bull market. So, perhaps an Adwords banner might be a good place to try and corner the market.

>> If Brexit is difficult talking about to a "no load" financial advisor you met at a Rotary luncheon, who has not done that well with your retirement hedge fund portfolio, guess I need to update both of you with an an old "I Told You So Editorial", which really has been the ground zero of debased negative, soft money, currency.
And fair warning, there is no simple quick sound bite talking head "trust me to be correct" answers here.

You will have to spend some time reading documentation to get anything from this free information that in the past has only lead to my business that grew out being spoofed, and phished for misdirection to an anonymous list of 400+ legal (?) misdirection links most from the Ukraine, Russia, China, and un-pingable changing USA addresses in New York, no wait, Chicago, nope, make that LA, Zip OU812. So hello artificial intelligence challenged spam harvesters. You may find that the "sensitive" information from my old fashioned philosophy from the beginning days of the Information Age, is that only full disclosure information in the World Wide Webs' largest library will sell. This used to be called doing your homework.

And this is why we have switched to presenting qualified projects and properties in locked against any harvested copyright changes in Adobe Acrobat PDFs delivered from a virus free secured server. They may take a little bandwidth to download, but perhaps well worth your time to reach a hidden e-mail address and phone number. For now, know there is a required readjustment in altitude coming for some high flying speculators of the London Metals Exchange [LME] and [LIBOR] multinational banking thinking, now being crushed under a Brexit of leveraged casino capitalism. As was the anonymous "Brit English" blog accounting system for BitCoins that was "hacked" at the same time to "accidentally loose" a third of it's value overnight. Unfortunately the only "band aid" to live through a death by derivatives devaluation is printing even more credit default swap debased currency that has absolutely nothing to do with the real values of a "creator's gift" of the wealth of the Earth that we all need to survive. Thanks old chap for crossing one London bridge too far. It truly is falling down, and millions will drown underwater on the changing tide of deception.

Ready for the gold rush of 17? A little background reading on what to really look for in mineral prospects.

This MiningInvestment101-1.pdf think piece, written by an qualified geologist victim of the TSX's 43-101 "in Canadian interests" certification free trade discrimination against American professionals hired to perform an independent third party examination of a US property.

As I, as respected "colleague" had many friends in Western Canada before the "exploration Junior market" and it's well respected Vancouver Stock Exchange was attacked, and closed down by the TSX because a London based geologist, working in Asia, violated the trust that sealed bags of samples sent in for assay results to plug into spreadsheet calculations of reserves.

This alleged scenario of securities violations follows what happen to "miner's exchanges" in the US West... close enough to do actual due diligence... that were we closed in San Francisco, Denver, Spokane, and the even smaller mining boards in smaller towns as Tonopah, Beatty, and Virginia City, Nevada,?

Yes, default on manipulated values is coming. It also truly is all not Europe's fault. Our Chicago based futures market afflicted pork bellies smoked for food safety storage preservation, have turned bacon into a luxury food item. By driving those despised Mid-West swine herders into bankruptcy using NYSE approved bear and bull market flash traded tactics, into a venue where only the hogs win, they are proving again you are what you consume in mass quantities.

Further West, where winter wheat harvests suffered abuse by big multinational corporate gmo-yo-yo manipulations devastated the economies of the Pacific Northwest, that soon became Bernie Sanders / Elizabeth Warren / Glass-Steagall Act reinstatement fans calling for a defense from the "flipping us off" without a care one percent.

Todays minority moneyed class seems to have forgotten the DUH principle of "Don't Understand History" by kicking the can down Easy Economic Avenue to a fork in the road decision of sensible, though painful Recovery, or a National Socialist German Workers' Party style chaos of fighting the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Forget about thinking of extremest far right, or far left, for if the hard line was bent into a compromise circle they both would meet at the top where 10% would rule a totalitarian world.

As with the mobs ruled in the French "let them eat cake" revolution. And, the non-Soviet Russian Revolution of 1905. And, the anti-Wall Street movement mobs that harassed market maker and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Securities Industry Association, Bernard Madoff, trying to sneak back into the sanctuary of his luxury condo tower/prison to console a wife who had been forced to ride the subway for a news photo "apology" opportunity.

It also should be noted, as the securities industry press likes to forget is that Madoff, perhaps because he and accomplices only stole $65 billion, was also a NASDAQ Chairman, and more importantly to this piece, was a Founding Board Member of the International Securities Clearing Corporation, in London

And then there are the DUH politicians who somehow think greatness in government is the opportunity to repeat the First Great Depression mistakes, by repealing the Glass-Steagall Banking Acts of 1933 to bring back TARP tactics that only rewarded illegal "inside traders" of only five mortgage money sources(?), and ironically enough(?) the London offices of the so called "American Insurance Group" that received such lovely bonus payment cheques direct from the US Taxpayer.

Which again brings us back to Brexit London, where I hope some of the flaming twits mucking up the world economy are being drawn and quartered, times X, in the collapse of the value of what used to be a full weight measured pound of a sterling POUND of silver. FYI: sterling is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of AG and 7.5% by weight of other not so precious metals as ZN, and CU. Both that held more of a stable market price than the $19.70 OZ AG, and the £1.30 USD this date. that the AG by the English Pound Sterling being worth, less the alloys, at close of business today of only measuring $218.67 in a silver bullion bar.

Searching for gold is easier online when clicking on Adsense banners...

Silver is just about to go into a bull market. So, perhaps an Adwords banner might be a good place to try and corner the market.

>> When the Pound falls in London does It make a "thud", or just a swoosh sound of a E-mail being sent who knows where?
My experience with the value of the Pound dates from the US silver dollar days just before Richard Nixon took us off that standard of hard currency, while stationed in London, in the 1950's Cold War, working directly for USAF SAC Commander Curtis LeMay in one step above top secret photo-intelligence unit, liaising with MI6. What I learned then about the true value of silver, has not changed.

The Pound, which was measured in twenty 20 pennyweights to a troy ounce units of Shillings, awkwardly divided from 12 troy ounces per troy pound, where their copper penny was a half-dollar size coin with a monarch's head on one side on a coin toss callers winners hidden "heads I win, tails I loose" advantage. The troy ounce is heavier than a postal scale avoirdupois ounce, but as the troy pound only has 12 heavy metal troy ounces, this almost equals out to 16 ounces a bathroom scale, a bit on the light side.

Which is makes for a guaranteed bar bet that a pound of goose feathers weighs less than a pound of gold... no matter what the daily price for paper. That "2 shillings/ 6 pence" coin was locally called a "half-dollar" for the WW2 priced 'Yank' value of a $5 Pound. To those of us not very nice young men dealing with a $2.80 Pound, there still was opportunity in building a illegal photographic silver film developing system recycling recovery vat that would electroplate an almost pure copper penny into a nickel-silver 2/6 coin (worth 35¢) when slide across a publicans counter to trade for for two pints of beer that made US "chicken feed" brews of the time turn paler than they already were.

The old penny (1d) was a coin worth 1/240th of a pound sterling today, or .005 USD at close today, on a recoverable metal value of 5¢. The point is that my WW2 Brenton Wood supported enlisted man's salary, with a 'hardship' station allowance, was enough rent a Elizabethan beam and plaster four room bungalow, complete with formal dining room and library, on the upstream "posh" side of the Thames. At 18 years of age my $56 dollar per month estate even included a full time Polish refuge calvary officer gardener, and a punt to putter about with from an incredible river frontage access.

But then Richard Nixon (R) took us off a silver standard to support FDR's (D) Keynesian thinking on a gold standard. You know, our natural resources treasure house that allowed a private in the US Army just before the Civil War of "greenback fame" to be paid in 16 silver dollars per month; and the same rank just before WW2 to be honored with a 18 silver dollars per month payday where they advanced in line in a parade rest, then one step forward to finally salute, and sign acknowledgment for a physical delivery. Care to guess what such a "rent controlled by station allowance dollars" up-scale experience would have been worth a in an unfettered felon London few months ago?

Care to risk a judgment today... after yesterday's reporting of England's poshest of real estate investments had fallen 1/3 overnight in what where considered "real values" right along with the Bitcoins fiasco.? The history lesson that need to be repeated is that the value of shelter, measured against the coin of the realm might have different values, at different times, and the long-term preservation of a family's wealth requires a little more thought than just remembering a financial advisor, or stockbroker's phone number that introduced you to the Bitcoins that mysteriously came out of Europe, invented by an untraceable Satoshi Nakamoto who just took an obviously programmed hackers hit for billions! According to Wikipedia the British English spelling and terminology (such as the phrase "bloody hard") in both source code comments and forum postings, led at least to a Commonwealth origin. Which is slightly different than the secret western US password to survive the LME is "in-place" hard asset natural resource values.

Where "bloody hard" means the physical asset is in the bank of a Bonanza Creek, and will take "x" capital expenditure to extract at a profit? Or was that a "hard luck old chap" translated from Old English Land Lord-ese class, dealing with the Old French "Mort", or the death of big bank mortgage systems that have failed so dramatically since frugal savings and loan institutions were plundered by credit default swap experts. In part by American International Group, the "AIG" the federal government bailed out for their $180 billion mistake for tricking American investors that an insurance company that started in Shanghai, could actually fail for not having the assurance of the American public. Didn't they, old darling, know at the the AIG Building, 58 Fenchurch Street, London, or learn anything from neighbors Lloyd's, of One Lime Street, London?

Searching for gold is easier online when clicking on Adsense banners...
Silver is just about to go into a bull market. So, perhaps an Adwords banner might be a good place to try and corner the market.

>> N
ow that I have screamed enough at you for falling asleep in Economics 101 (something I am qualified at for having been the Editor / Publisher of a high end gloss print magazine Economic Currents for the Columbia River Economic Development Council) I am the one ashamed. As the last of the independent lone prospectors would think I for the simple cost of exposure inks to bona fide precious metal prospects, offered for sale, lease, or joint ventures, with sort of a Good Housekeeping Seal style of of approval.

Lately these inside knowledge opportunities seem to have vanished into a Regulated Blue Sky. Most likely by those who actually rule by owning gold in the ground, are following the lead of big industry corporations buying back their own stock (running the numbers up on big boards) to survive a coming readjustment of paper currency, and perhaps another Great Great Recession... remembering that the Great Depression had two.

The breaking news for the dumb bearish attitude of "you too can buy an operating gold mine for no money down" appears to be over, just as the natural, predictable, timing cycle between gold rushes is long overdue. The coming gold rush is to find half-way valid opportunities too good to be explained away by a CEO exiting via golden parachute to make money by going bankrupt, or engineering a "merger".

Meanwhile in the 18 states open to mineral entry claim staking of un-appropiated lands by US Citizens, foreign multinationals have created a situation where miner's children in tax revenue poor Nevada counties have a difficult time attending grade school; in nearly bankrupt California small mining investors a kept from competing with foreign control for not belonging to an approved corporate club requiring a $1 Million "qualified status" to become a defender of widows and orphans; and Alaska, which is already a foreign cruise ship monopoly, has been overrun by free-trade Canada's TSX 43-101 certification standard discriminating against US mining professionals to the point that Vancouver venture pump-and-dump juniors have a revenue stream of selling EB-5 green card visas to Asian nationals.

>> Finely your digging down through a strata of "Earth People" mumbo jumbo bubble-speak trying to understand what went wrong with our industry, here a two qualified prospects.
The uplands of Ophir, Alaska sparked a gold rush in it's day. And Yankee Creek produced a record nugget.

To explainn why TheProspector really only has a few valid prospect to offer readers right now, those who trust our reputation of picking winners that what is involved here is a valid one-time "placement fee" in a for exposure to due dilligence documentationinformation only exposure on a prospect that cannot advertise stock shares for sale.

Click the cover of this 19 page PDF containing maps and reports read on-screen, or download for a paper trail record. I know this property well for having been a neighbor in the run-up of gold in the 1980's, before the invasion of Alaska by the the Green Card People of Asia.

Please note I am not color, race, or religious prejudiced about legally immigrated Americans. What I just can't tolerate claim jumping attempts by foreign funding escaping the spirit of the Mining Law of 1872 requiring American Citizenship.

It also happens that there are good or bad breeds of hawgs worldwide, Past the gluttony of American CEO style Mulefoot Pigs, internationally there are the British Landrace, Poland China, Lithuanian Native, Vietnamese Potbelly, and the German Pickled Swine Snout.

One of the best "how-to Books" written, for the BLM. This is a reprint with a prospector's notations.

>Which Brings Us To An Exclusive Claim Opportunity Owned By A Single Signer 77-Year Old Prospector. Me.
In An Industrial "Gray Gold" Mineral Few Know Anything About. All of which shows for rock solid safe long term investments ... "Go West Young Man"... taking along European R&D thinking in Nano Chemistry. Northern England and an even smarter Scotland have a non-proprietary lead in super ECO cement, and hydro power from the tides of the North Sea. And from a solar Switzerland of Albert Einstein photovoltiacs. A major part of a Nobel prize for thinking we are still trying to understand. As how nano Si silica sand works best in third generation thin film solar where gold may hold an important role as a catalyst. And in gutter to gutter rain harvesting of fresh water with a smart roof (where as silver solar has a 30-year track record on not wearing out) to hide precious mineral wealth in plain sight. All of which will be part of climate change survivable net zero 22nd Century housing.

If looking for a gold mine you can buy for no money down, don't bother clicking through to right now as valid prospects are hard to find right now while the claim owners are waiting for the next great gold rush to happen.
My family tree has pre-Revolutionary war gold experience in the Carolina's, bauxite in Georgia, phosphorus in Tennessee, gold in the California rush of 1848, Oregon, Montana, the Klondike, and Nome.
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Clicking on the banner button above leading to old editorials warning about the possibility of a "dot com failure" and of a coming collapse by a sub-prime mortgage "housing bubble bursting", will lead nowhere for now until I find the time to repair vicious hacking attacks that crippled my "empire". Problem is approaching 78-years of being a crank-a-dank, I would like to semi-retire to publishing more books, as The Prospector memoirs to fit on a shelf next to my Search For A Shadow. Anyone want to help me out by taking over the magazines... including and a thoroughly hacked / overstaked disaster of (thanks to Alaska Department of Lands bureaucrats that will be explained when I have time), which cost me dearly when supporting a defunct ?

Gold bars at war in a top secret novel