How To Do Mining Claim Maintenance


Maintenance of a Mining Claim Or Site

Since October 5, 1992 (30 U.S.C. 28[f]-[k]) only claimants having a legal interest in 10 or fewer mining claims Nationwide and who also meet certain other requirements, may perform assessment work and file evidence of the assessment as described below.

mining claim assessment workAll other claimants must pay an annual maintenance fee of $100 per claim or site to the BLM.

All claimants must either pay the required fees or if qualified file for a waiver from payment of fees by each August 31 through and including August, 1998.

Failure to file by August 31 requires BLM to declare the claim or site forfeited by operation of law.

Mineral patent applicants who have been issued the first half of their mineral entry final certificate are exempt from payment of fees or performance of assessment work. See 43 CFR 3833.1-5 through 3833.1-7 for the terms and conditions of payment of the fees or the obtainment of a waiver from such payment.

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*This article was taken from a public online brochure found on the BLM website

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