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Is this another doom and gloom publication selling the idea that carrying about a pocket full of gold or silver bars is the only way to survive a coming catastrophic collapse? Hardly. It is intended for those of us who want to turn gold into money. How is that best done? Take a look at the options open to an individual:

gold barsTransferring Gold

Investing in bullion is only a hedge against deflation, or inflation, however you wish to define the loss of purchasing power of today's declining dollar. The act of buying and selling gold bars, silver coins, copper futures, etc., is an act of transferring wealth. Most often one party of the transaction wins, the other looses. Usually it is the institution, the bank, or the brokerage house, that wins.

Extracting Gold

The act of mining that gold, silver, etc., is a far more equitable equation. It is man taking something that nature has provided for our existence. Once a property is into production, there are no losers, provided proper safeguards have been taken to protect the environment, unless the money spent to extract the wealth exceeds the value of the minerals recovered.

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