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Mining Stories From Our Sister Mining Publications

NEW!! What You Need To Know About Gold Mining Claims.
An article of the how to and the history of staking your gold mining claims. Including understanding of the Mining Law of 1872. From our sister publication

NEW!! Gold Rush Alaska- Reality Alaska Placer Gold Mining.
An old timer prospector gives advice to those looking to go gold procpecting in Alaska. (From

How To Patent A Mining Claim:
A white paper by William B. Murray—The West's leading mining attorney. (From sister mining publication

Starting Over: By Silver Dollar Dan:
An article on investing in silver in the up-cycle of mining verses the old way of stock investing. (From sister mining publication

A Benjamin Franklin Moment:
By Poor Richard, himself - An updated look at financial independence. (From sister mining publication

Thank You Arthur Anderson:
We are no longer the "bad guys," and why NOW is the time to take a look at funding exploration programs. (From sister mining publication

Making It In Mining:
What does it take to make it in mining? This article may give you some food for thought on that subject. (From sister mining publication

Mining Stories From Alaska Mining .com

Bush Pilot or Prospector?:
The true story of Alaskan bush pilot Don Sheldon's passion for prospecting from the air.

Alaska Mining Rush of '79:
1979 that is. Is there there a new Mining Rush in '07?

Alaska Mining History 101: A journey through the history of mining in Alaska

Prospectors, an Endangered Species?: Is it still possible to have some of the same experiences and "emotional highs" as the prospectors of the Klondike Gold Rush? Is there still golden opportunities left for the recreational prospector? Is prospecting just for the "Big Boys" these days? See what you think.

"Roads To Resources" We think this is the biggest forward leap for Alaska mining and general advances for our state to come around in years. What do you think?

Mining Investment Books
We have picked some really good books to help you to acquire the knowledge to properly do your due diligence prior to investing in mining. Enjoy!

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