Will soon be released as a book of in the field prospecting experiences dating from the Moab Uranium Rush of 1955, to surviving a bitcoin boom and bust.
[ Attention MiningMagazines.com, and ECO-GoGreen-Magazine readers, and ECO-Builders-Magazine looking for a way to help replace greenhouse producing Portland Cement— consider that the good news to help Global Warming / Climate Change survival efforts is that there is no carbon in the natural Nepheline Syenite geopolymer formula; and that ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association LCA is not controlled by a multinational cartel more concerned by profit, then making housing affordable.

This will be my last promotion of bringing in a mining property for investor’s —who really don’t know what to look for, or why— from making the mistake of take a risk with a spin of a roulette wheel stopping on any “in Canadian Interests 43-101 certified” TSX exploration venture. This warning especially applies to what is left of an American Mining Law of 1872 ex-pat properties where the developmental management may be a hidden Hasting Gulch “Junior” in a Vancouver, Canada —that lost it’s VSE exchange over the Bre-x scandal where an English geologist “salted” his assay results.

This is why American mining investor’s should not deal with multinational bankers that have exploited our mining professional weaknesses in the selling US Green Cards to import cheap labor to work American, or Alaskan, mining claims. Including the claim block shown above, in the difficult to reach Alaska Range, where a lot of hard work of ski-mountaineering to establish a valid discover post —disappeared into foreign ownership, thanks to a Tea Party governor who lame-ducked her way onto a stage as a stand-up comedian.

Even worse, the rest of the US, under the other T-party that appointed a disastrous USDA/USFS Secretary who allowed Hatch Act violators to traitorously squash American Mining Law of 1872 independents from trying to deliver mineral on a Department of Interior, US Geological Survey a 2016 Critical Minerals list. Which included, unfortunately my already clear-listed quarry, on a grandfathered in Alumina-silicate, with Rare Earths elements. Something I am waiting to happily write about overcoming, by going underground, in the last chapter of "This Prospector's" memoirs. Click on a younger me, above, for a sample of Chapter one.

Another warning from my 68 years of wilderness field experience that started as an illegal “minor miner” (a 16 year-old, contracted on his own) in the Uranium Rush of ’55 to Moab, Utah. The first chapter of my “TheProspector” memoirs , which may itself be sampled by clicking on the picture of climbing another mountain shortly before Nixon took the US off the ’Silver Standard’ working on contract for Homestake Mining. Homestake was then the largest US Gold Mining Company, before disappearing into a multinational that pioneered the leasing of by-the-ton silver. The Homestake deposit at Lead, South Dakota was famous for the fact that the Hearst fortune was built upon a continuing 5% mining royalty, that enabled building a publishing company.

Following my own MiningMagazines.com continuing royalty retirement plan from ECO-Minerals-Stockpile.net, I too am “hanging up my gold pan” to semi-retire to running BannerBooks.com. Which besides lists Sharon Ehlmann's business guides, also has my Search For A Shadow —a coffee table book explaining my taking my family, horseback, 2,500 miles when exploring by prospecting and pioneering the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail. Other titles listed on what I am trying to establish as a CO-OP, with a digital press, to compete with a cartel in control of 87% of the market. A business I learned the hard way with the novel CODE—Yellow Chrysanthemum, dealing with WWII Japanese gold; and two how-toes of I Want A Horse buyer’s guide, and an annotated updated version on one of the best placer examination books ever printed.

But, enough of my perhaps a bit overlong form of an elevator speech, on how the make a small fortune in publishing? Answer— start with a large fortune. To make that happen here is a wandering tale of how I will retire to adventure, again after kayaking the length of the 2,000 mile Yukon river (with a gold pan) so that age of 83-years young, by building and sailing a cruising “FloatKrete ceramic ” catamaran on a circumnavigation expedition, perhaps, thanks to Global Warming, including a Northwest Passage.

My point being is I am actually working on the final chapter of my life as a ‘wildcatting’ prospector, that just as Nepheline Syenite was “manufactured” on a convoluted way up from deep mantle magma inside a intrusive pipe to cool into a crystalline sill —just in Creator’s time frame to control Global Warming / Climate Change with amazing answers for us to control:

A) Green house gases released through the manufacturing of Portland Cement.

B) Control the skyrocketing entry level to hurricane resistant, no longer affordable housing.

C) And further save serving a basic need for shelter that is forest fire proof, flood, mold and even bullet proof, which also has an almost the “R” scale insulation factor, that works well with “off grid” hydroponic walls holding a hurricane and earthquake resistant smart superconductor solar rainwater harvesting roof, which will also help pay a mortgage, and special fire insurance policy, made easier not having to pay an electric bill which also fuels the transportation needs of the EV parked safely in a FoamKreteECO-Housing-America home.

I know I am a long winded Asperger’s powered dreamer— just as  Greta Thunberg, Steve Jobs, Al Gore, Elon Musk, who replaced replaced Einstein as America's emigrant genius. But, I know from experience, which includes MacandMurray.com Advertising and Publishing and editing “Economic Currents Magazine” for the Columbia River Economic Development Council, that to really introduce something new and exciting it takes more than flapping lips with historic soundbites and a giveaway hat with a borrowed acronym.

So if you have the time to learn some new words as “geopolymer” concrete, and market plans replacing the outdated 1900s’ Biz-As-Usual for excessive profits, then click the cover of a 21 page Brochure leading the way deep into Information Age archives which themselves are linked to difficult to understand papers — which Global Warming/Climate Change scientific disbelievers refuse to act upon in a positive way.

Click here, or on this cover for an Inconvenient Truth part, III.

Breaking news of how a ECO Green and Clean Mining industry is making a contribution for survival of Mother Earth.

As MiningMagazines.com productions have repeatably been trashed by hacker hit men that used to leave a bot when visiting from Ukraine, and China, that lately have been showing up in our web-stats as Russian—most likely a Al2O3 / SiO2 competitors, that may have business ties with North America, or allegedly is an American oligarch —clicking this on "Charlie Horse" or tapping my shoulder may be the safest way today to return a requested PDF printable bill of sale form (ordered by calling Barry Murray at 503-753-5868, by a wire fraud protected mailing return to: Barry Murray & ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association LCA, at :
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