> BREAKING NEWS: an editorial

Do not expect a RED STATE POTUS appointed fairness from appointed "fast-tracked" spoils of war approved USDA Forest Service Bureaucrats when dealing with CFR filed Plans of Action unless you happen to be a SuperPAC pal.

If you happen to be an outspoken person of a tainted BLUE STATE RULE of LAW protector, who had a little trouble understanding that our respected PRESIDENT or "pot-r-us(?)" when dealing with the long established the Mining Law of 1872 where those in control, until 2020, that rule by "I Think, I Tweet, so it must be so."

Especially when American mineral resources are disappearing into multinational bankers conglomerates and cartels who "mission statement" simply reads --- "Don't worry the American Worker!"

Especially those located in a state where "all hat no cattle" multinational financed terrorists recently won a Range War in Oregon over reducing the costs of finish by grazing MacDonald's hamburger beef, at the expensive of historically needed, small independent Working COWBOY managing, 100 year heritage cow-and-calf cowboy operations, supplying a humane source of feedlot animals not dropped into manure and nurtured by computerized feedings of economical molasses spread upon sawdust.

And especially in a applying a pointed finger to a weird, tree hugger Oregon, which has already lost to Deep State management where sawmill worker jobs were sold off to increase the bottom line of America's two percent, thanks to Clinton's manipulations of a since debunked "spotted owl crisis" Forestry Act, where supposedly in those in control the economic value knew best how to protect our own "back yard" from the dreaded curse of Gyppo LOGGERS!

Dammit, as a Minor PROSPECTOR I am proud to be part-and-particle of Old West CODE of the WEST when it comes to our founding a what used to be great America, that did not give away our natural wealth for the benefit of what Bernie Sanders has identified as the "two percent", which "taint fair".

For now; until CROOKS-R-US are faced down by double barrel 20-20 justice of www.MiningMagazines.com and www.WesternMiner.com hosted MiningDistrictsForum, where independent miner's rights are coming back as a French Revolution "Freedom of the Press" Fourth Estate Voice... unless "The Reds" back off one control of their one-sided FCC, and FTC, and ETCeria Cartel, which is shaping up to a "since there is no bread, let them eat cake" social rebellion. Even if Common Sense has to revert to the pass-around paper pamphlets as a First Ammendment Right.

As I accidentally have used many words in my online magazines, as "social justice" to often, in what a trial lawyer might construe as a threat to the Emperor of No Union Made Clothing or Principles. Then let me reply in defense that lately the act of pointing a "righteous finger on condemnation" at something or someone, usually has three fingers pointing right back, covering up the real truth of the matter. At that, according to War Hero Forrest Gump, "crooked" is actually is what "crooked" does.

I also see that the Jewish / Social Democrat presidential candidate I voted for in the 2016 Oregon Primary is coming right back to stand up for another opportunity for the so-called establishment to steal yet-another-election for a third time. And, again they are finger pointing at SOCIALISTS being identified as a threat to national security. Excuse me for being a frontier hillbilly, but isn't being born in Brooklyn, the same a Honolulu, when it comes to racest birtherism in black politics?

Has anyone but me thought that both the right-wing Nazi "National Socialist German Workers' Party", and the left wing Communist Russian Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, both rose to power by confiscating real property of ethnic/ spiritual/economic/political minorities ... and the individual's ownership of gold, which FDR followed with his own Presidential Power abuse of L-208, following confiscation of gold followed, by closing down gold mines for being unnecessary for winning World War 2. An act, not compensated, against a financial history of proven wisdom of not fighting wars on credit, which actually led to the runaway problems of today where an increase in the percieved value of the USD, known as inflation, is balanced out by the deflation in purchasing power of the things we need to survive --- food, shelter, energy--- that

Which is exactly why, at 80-years old, under an implyed threat of loosing my well established mining claims to theft by leasing, I really have nothing to lose. I most likely will follow my genetic memory of ancestor Sir Andrew de Moray's lead of dying for standing tall, for adding his personal Scottish royal army to help the rabble Braveheart's mob, win his first victory a Sterling Bridge. All in a call for Social FREEDOM!


Apparently, I am on a Nixion political style "Hit List" (thank you Roger Stone) as a target for Internet censoring for being an early-on registered Democratic climate change supporter who voted for Al Gore. A total Asperger's genius, equal to Elon Musk, who totally focused on the idea that "hard rock mining" ECO Nano minerals is the pathway to economic survival over an outdated "soft coal" carbon-based monopolized mining industry.

Curiously, a RED TIDE MAFIA is clashing with a Tsunami force colliding with BLUE WAVE PROGRESS. In other words, what voters were promised to deregulate confusing RED TAPE has only led to very one-sided to the victors go the spoils takeovers of Federal Agencies, Departments, and Bureau regulations, accompanied by minor Bureaucrats paying attention to Executive Orders that only seem to benefit deep state multi-conglomerates and multinational bankers.

Here is a clickable cover of a virus free and locked against changes, supporting the documentation of a very GREEN USFS Plan of Action in properly filled out and filed FS-2800-5 last July which by US Code of Regulations demanded a 30-day yes or no, or an agreed upon 60-day revision.

The timeliness of using of Table Mountain's Nepheline High-Performance Perovskite Al203, and Silicon Dioxide Si02, which already has a role in finding value-added use helping end the housing crisis use, also has a rapidly developing role in the Perovskite Thin Film Solar revolution.

This already permitted square mile of the largest Preacline Nepheline Syenite in the US mining claims has a proven mine-able 2.5 million tons of a very affordable FoamKrete™ that can compete with similar chemistry out China and Russia, FOB $ 250 - 300 per ton, where they are 3D printing $5,000 to $20,000 houses every day.

Pay attention to the totally bogus bureaucratic blunder that cost me, and our local economy, a needed $5 Million investor from China who was looking to set up an independent www.ECO-Mining-Milling.com which means this opportunity is wide open to sharks that wish to take advantage of the momentary situation.

Since said registered filing has been totally officially ignored to date; except for an unregistered letter with a personal opinion which blew away years of field research accumulating 100 plus pages of scientific documentation, by simply over-riding my $50,000 plus efforts with an out-of-place assessment difficult to understand:

“The Forest Service recognizes that you may have identified what you believe are special or unique values and/or uses for the material. However, because this proposal addresses mineral materials, the Forest Service cannot evaluate your proposal under the U.S. mining laws or locatable mineral authorities at 36 CFR 228 Subpart A.”

Besides Ranger Jones's mistaken quotation from CFR regulations, she suggested a curious place for this 80-year old "crank-a-dank" to waste seconds of his life by complaing to the Department of the Interior, which recently declared that the Aluminum and Rare Earth Silica Elements group ores, both on the targeted tariffs from Russia and China, be added to the declaration upgrading of Strategic minerals to Critical Minerals for Defense?

The reason I am taking this my complaint to a Siusulu Mining District Hearing before the Court of Last Resort Trial, on a WesternMiner.com sponsored www.MiningDistrictsForum.com, if only to become a force in the 2020 elections.

A mining district forumAfter 64 years on the supply side delivering mineral exploration prospects dealing with www.MiningInvestment.com readers who believe that the financial industry standard of taking a risk is to only take a chance on buying an already operating gold mine, for no money down.

So to avoid the risk of being lured into a SEC / Competitors/ Banksters charge of fraud for offering an investment on something I cannot promise to deliver until sanctioned as a natural resource retail FoamKrete.com product, even though backed by a hundreds of tons of as yet untouched touched www.ECO-Mined Coins.com in reserve my $20 per ton unit flowing through from a ECO-Minerals-Stockpile >> ECO-Foam-Krete >> ECO-Mining-Milling program for 3x $20 per ton, of $60 for the bundle which would qualify for being a real Bit Coin challenger for a safe deposit of ECO-Mined-Coins. And further on to solving Oregon's homless chrisis with an earn-in ECO-Housing-America CO-OP.

Therefore, I am reducing the $60 bundle package, to a $30 contribution, until the school yard bullies give up throwing my working mans hard hat from department to department. Mail a check or money order based upon x number of in-place tons to Barry Murray, POB 678, Waldport, OR 97394 (in site of the Table Mountain Nepheline Syenite, as a contribution to a legal fund to raise hell in court, and to make sure all the corporate tricks and traps are covered. Our abused 503-753-5868 phone number may be working again, but please do your homework before asking qestions inclosed in

If you trust my word, helping me to semi-retire out of anger, know that those early defenders of righteousness with contribution receipts will be rewarded with actual tonnage certificates on par with what the by-in price offered once the governments moratorium on my unique to the US Nepheline Syenite Cement, which is anything but a "common variety".

More whimpering complaints about the political influence spoils system of today and a whining over 1st Amendment protected (?) editorial rights about the political influence operating system of today which has used "Deregulation" to put their own "Deep State rules of finance and tax laws" into power. Understandable, by design, to only benefit the two Percent WOLF PAC members looking to follow the success of Russian style Ologarcies in building the largest cattle ranches in the world with an (enthusiastic, but underpaid ) crew that doesn't understand how header and healer roping is supposed to work. Or, that when it comes to natural resources, that US laissez-faire individuals seem to be losing the Battle of Free Enterprise.

>>> A much too long of a sentence (using more than 280 characters) followed by another. As was the frugal quality of a Scottish social philosopher and political economist. After two centuries, Adam Smith remains a towering figure in the history of economic thought. Known primarily for a single work—An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (1776), the first comprehensive system of political economy—Smith is more properly regarded as a social philosopher whose economic writings constitute only the capstone to an overarching view of political and social evolution.

>>> An example of this today could be our incredible bright creator Elon Musk, being fined by "SIC" blackmailers for his merely thinking out-loud on Twitter that he was considering going private with his company honoring Tesla's genius to avoid(?) having CPA Arthur Anderson Ponzi scheme style accountants going through a double set of books kept for public scrutiny.

Just hope Elon doesn't have to deflect to Communist North Korea, to continue his peaceful Space-X projects without being "suddenly and deliberately attacked some Sunday morning". There is nothing wrong with using "emotional capitalism" to make the evening news, provided investors realize the risk of a runaway Wells Fargo Stagecoach in a commercial moment of stampeding right off a convoluted cliff.

This act of pointing a finger at someone who is not yet a member of their "sniff" private money club accidentally have three hidden folded fingers pointing right back at themselves. The reason for their egregious act of misusing political power to curb competition, is that lately a lot of "sheeple" are flowing away from the IPO leveraged lock on start-up ventures already established that really do not have a profit and loss statement, which makes no sense. Other than an old-fashioned Mad Avenue tagline of, "Sell the sizzle, not the steak". Something I address in the proposal for the establishment of www.EDO-Mined-Coin.com.

>>> Which leads into another longish sentence explaining: How some American mining ventures that have been free-traded to Canada's TSX may be in the grey area of legalized fraud. This I understand through personal experience of a shell (not a "v" one at that) leveraging a $30,000 USD option (covering next seasons Alaska State Mining claims assessment and "deadline" rental fees) to buy-in joint venture payment marketed through Merrill Lynch of Canada who sold $3.5 CDN, according to Yahoo Finance, in something that was purposely allowed to fail.

Why? It's called "pump and dump the #*~@ing shareholders" so that when the overlying Federal claims are let go, just in time to protect a new filing of a, say, "Nevada State claim filing" that has 90 days protection from "jumpers" to register under a new name with the Mining Desk of the BLM, which may have already taken care of the abandoned claims reclamation problem.

>>> Such whistleblower insider knowledge is part of the dangerous reason my www.MiningMagazines.com publications, as this, have made me a target. But, apparently, once again for a limited window of time, I have been returned to being considered editorially "htpps: valid". For the moment. Before the deep state control freaks find another loophole to shut citizens out by diverting attention to sideshow circuses paid for by some very multinational deep pocket PACs.

Thank you, as an individual for taking a personal risk and the effort to read, on your own nickel, deeper into my boring words that do not go whizbang, kazinga in 280 characters, along with the popping sound of financial bubbles bursting to a Lawrence Welk polka.

This website, first uploaded in 1998, which really dates to 1986 when TheProspector first published in ASCII text via local bulletin board connections to FidoNet, has always been of the long side of explaining an industry that far left tree huggers love to despise.

Now, however, I also am in a struggle for another "fundamentalist" protest group, with super PAC funding. I try to stay away from them when they rattle their tail for the media. But, the trouble with a middle of the road politics is that one gets hit by out of legal control of small mind thinkers.

The threat of "Super Patriot" Claim Jumpers Cattle Rustlers looking trough as they can bouncing around in a saddle carrying combat sniper scope weapons, and the flag four of my Revolutionary War great-something grandfathers fought for, during an "all hat no cattle" terrorist invasion of Oregon's Old West "buckaroo" rangeland.

How did I get involved? As an old-old Oregonian with roots dating back to the first Oregon Trail Guide, that also voted at Champeoeg to go with the US instead of Hudson Bay's wishes, I was a fan of the Democratic Governor filling the term of a disgraced by fraud predecessor.

Fortunately, Kate Brown was overwhelming re-elected for supporting a lone "high noon" sheriff for facing down a Possie Comitatus in favor of setting wildfires to burn off browse to "green up the grass" on public AUM leases. The hidden reason was that back East big business wanted to drive the established Western COWBOY into bankruptcy so that their highly educated money managers can maximize profits of a natural resource fast food industry, supposedly overseeing the best interest of an underlying US public ownership.

This in effect is how the oil WILDCATTER has disappeared from the Sherman Anti Trust violations monopolies you know by name very well. I can add another in that my children were given a grandparent's skip a generation gift of stock in Mansfield Petroleum, which apparently just vanished into Mansfield Energy which today has gone private. The shame, shame here is that my Mining Lawyer father had helped the Mansfield brothers form the first of a mining/oil shell, which he would not have used to trick his favorite grandchildren.

I mention all this a this as one of the last PROSPECTORs, I was quite concerned that the terrorists were holding up on TV pocket versions of the new testaments they represented to be the CONSTITUTION where everyone could read for an explanation why they allowed to take mining claims away from individuals following the Mining Law of 1872. I wrote all of this down on OregonMining.net, which also has not survived hackers. When I get time, I will bring the URL back in my little war with claim jumpers.

The effect of all this was that on the eve of turning 80-years young, I seem to also be ON THE ENDANGERED Political SuperPac HIT LIST. I tried to stay politically neutral on the www.ECO-Mining-Milling.com filing of a totally ignored filing of an FS 2008 surface management Plan of Action.

You take a read at the 165 pages, below instead of just the seven on the supplied form, and see if going underground (for aesthetics and fire safety sake) on an already permitted and grandfather in quarries with no wasteful tailing pile, or toxic discharge, to see for yourself if an answer to global warming problems is both economically and ecologically sound.

And see if you pick up clues that I may have also been hit hard, behind the scenes by a world-wide monopoly run by a single family out of Belgium, and another US restraint of free trade family of building material competitors, that uses blatant political activism to have their conglomerate way that probably will not survive the next election.

My answer to all this is to plow a straight country-boy furrow to plant the seeds of a flow-through individual, non-stockbroker direct individual ownership dream here of :

What will become extremely interesting, once the First Great Monetary Value Readjustment (FGMVR) begins, necessitating bringing outsourced jobs home again, will be how investors holding inflated and over-leveraged paper mining stocks that have no hope of meeting production payroll, will react to CEO's escaping bankruptcy by jumping out of a Wall Street window with their golden parachute. Or, when holder's of stacks of leveraged OPEC venture oil and futures coal paper (instead of realizing solar is the answer) have to make the decision of which would provide more heat when burned in the fireplace.

The answer is to work with a bartered trade dollar that has value based upon a basic need of an ECO sustainable, and global changing survivable shelter. Not controlled by SEC approved IPO's.

or (Click the Cover) is a good place to start doing a $60 per in-place ton purchase, per investor, due diligence for what it takes to become an independent www.FoamKrete.com Dealer or regional Distributor of a very unique product, once I get www.ECO-Mining-Milling.com up and running.

Or perhaps by joining other dealers, you could help form a www.ECO-Houising-America.com off-grid village

This is a program to deliver an affordable housing product that can survive what is happening is happening right now in California.

This is a from the mineral soil up endeavor to go-around investment types that demand huge, flip-able, profits at the expense of those financially disadvantaged for the moment to leverage their unique FoamKrete.com into a zero mortgage rent to buy situation. Or something similar to LLC company owned and managed businesses underwritten by a $billion plus reserve of www.ECO-Mined-Coin.com.

And the best place to check out the report and scientific documentation of the added value and status of the the "Plan of Action" (click the cover) needed before I can gift some rescue FoamKrete.com to help with what I can with recovery from forest fires, and the totally out of control homless situation. I am needing some help to make this happen.

The total Flow Through Program runs from:

A) ECO-Minerals-Stockpile.com

B) ECO-Foam-Krete.com

C) ECO-Mining-Milling.com

D) ECO-Mined-Coin.com

E) FoamKrete.com

E) ECO-Housing-America.com

As this project was just to big for any one lagitimate corporation I have broken everything down to interlinked LLCs where I, as a single signer, at 79-years old am still in need of finding help to make my dream come true.

Better than gold in that a physical metalic minerial coin has more value than paper

The name is Barry Murray, of a spammed BarryMurray.com, with an abused robocalled phone number of 503-753-5868. I do have a valid PO Box 678, Waldport, (within sight of a magic Table Mountain) Oregon 97394. As I am also an established author, know that this Copyright © 2018 Barry Murray website will be protected at all costs from the theft for phishing, virus mischief, and misdirection by others. My "burn phone" number is 54plusOne>>NinerNiner2>>6thirtyone+3.

The safest way to send me an electronic message other than on Linkdin is to click on Charlie Horse's tail, and stand back.